namespace sample
    //gives the vertices at the end of each edge
    const int verticesAtEndsOfEdges[24]=
    {   0,      1,
        1,      2,
        2,      3,
        3,      0,
        4,      5,
        5,      6,
        6,      7,
        7,      4,
        0,      4,
        1,      5,
        2,      6,
        3,      7

    //gives the edges to interpolate along given vertex inside/outside
    const int edgeTable[256] =
        0x0  ,  0x109,  0x203,  0x30a,  0x406,  0x50f,  0x605,  0x70c,
        0x80c,  0x905,  0xa0f,  0xb06,  0xc0a,  0xd03,  0xe09,  0xf00,
        0x190,  0x99 ,  0x393,  0x29a,  0x596,  0x49f,  0x795,  0x69c,
        0x99c,  0x895,  0xb9f,  0xa96,  0xd9a,  0xc93,  0xf99,  0xe90,
        0x230,  0x339,  0x33 ,  0x13a,  0x636,  0x73f,  0x435,  0x53c,
        0xa3c,  0xb35,  0x83f,  0x936,  0xe3a,  0xf33,  0xc39,  0xd30,
        0x3a0,  0x2a9,  0x1a3,  0xaa ,  0x7a6,  0x6af,  0x5a5,  0x4ac,
        0xbac,  0xaa5,  0x9af,  0x8a6,  0xfaa,  0xea3,  0xda9,  0xca0,
        0x460,  0x569,  0x663,  0x76a,  0x66 ,  0x16f,  0x265,  0x36c,
        0xc6c,  0xd65,  0xe6f,  0xf66,  0x86a,  0x963,  0xa69,  0xb60,
        0x5f0,  0x4f9,  0x7f3,  0x6fa,  0x1f6,  0xff ,  0x3f5,  0x2fc,
        0xdfc,  0xcf5,  0xfff,  0xef6,  0x9fa,  0x8f3,  0xbf9,  0xaf0,
        0x650,  0x759,  0x453,  0x55a,  0x256,  0x35f,  0x55 ,  0x15c,
        0xe5c,  0xf55,  0xc5f,  0xd56,  0xa5a,  0xb53,  0x859,  0x950,
        0x7c0,  0x6c9,  0x5c3,  0x4ca,  0x3c6,  0x2cf,  0x1c5,  0xcc ,
        0xfcc,  0xec5,  0xdcf,  0xcc6,  0xbca,  0xac3,  0x9c9,  0x8c0,
        0x8c0,  0x9c9,  0xac3,  0xbca,  0xcc6,  0xdcf,  0xec5,  0xfcc,
        0xcc ,  0x1c5,  0x2cf,  0x3c6,  0x4ca,  0x5c3,  0x6c9,  0x7c0,
        0x950,  0x859,  0xb53,  0xa5a,  0xd56,  0xc5f,  0xf55,  0xe5c,
        0x15c,  0x55 ,  0x35f,  0x256,  0x55a,  0x453,  0x759,  0x650,
        0xaf0,  0xbf9,  0x8f3,  0x9fa,  0xef6,  0xfff,  0xcf5,  0xdfc,
        0x2fc,  0x3f5,  0xff ,  0x1f6,  0x6fa,  0x7f3,  0x4f9,  0x5f0,
        0xb60,  0xa69,  0x963,  0x86a,  0xf66,  0xe6f,  0xd65,  0xc6c,
        0x36c,  0x265,  0x16f,  0x66 ,  0x76a,  0x663,  0x569,  0x460,
        0xca0,  0xda9,  0xea3,  0xfaa,  0x8a6,  0x9af,  0xaa5,  0xbac,
        0x4ac,  0x5a5,  0x6af,  0x7a6,  0xaa ,  0x1a3,  0x2a9,  0x3a0,
        0xd30,  0xc39,  0xf33,  0xe3a,  0x936,  0x83f,  0xb35,  0xa3c,
        0x53c,  0x435,  0x73f,  0x636,  0x13a,  0x33 ,  0x339,  0x230,
        0xe90,  0xf99,  0xc93,  0xd9a,  0xa96,  0xb9f,  0x895,  0x99c,
        0x69c,  0x795,  0x49f,  0x596,  0x29a,  0x393,  0x99 ,  0x190,
        0xf00,  0xe09,  0xd03,  0xc0a,  0xb06,  0xa0f,  0x905,  0x80c,
        0x70c,  0x605,  0x50f,  0x406,  0x30a,  0x203,  0x109,  0x000

    //gives which vertices to join to form triangles for the surface#endif